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Frequently asked questions

Can I still redeem loyalty point if I order through phone?

Yes, as long as you have an account with us, you are eligible to redeem loyalty points.

Do I still have my loyalty points when I use the new platform?

Yes! All your account information and loyalty points will remain the same!

How do I apply my loyalty rewards?

1. Select your ideal product "Sour Cannapeach" 2. Click view reward on your shopping cart 3. Select "REDEEM REWARD" on Free "GUMMY" 4. The total price of your GUMMY will become $30.00-$29.99=$0.01 Following link demonstrates how to apply your loyalty reward on YouTube

How do I place an order?

After you create an account you can begin ordering! Our menu is fully viewable with our products, whether you looking for specific strains or descriptions of each one, you can deicde on what you like and there are quantitys to each product displaying their price as well. Add each item to the cart and you can checkout at the "shopping cart' icon on the top right!

How do I register on your website?

Just go to shop page and click sign up, after you have provided you information our associate will verify your account and approve you account within 5-10m

How long is delivery after I place my order?

Delivery times can vary anywhere from 1-3hrs, this is based on traffic and the amount of orders drivers are currently doing, we are working hard to ensure we meet this 1-3hrs time frame!

I created an account and can I order?

Once you created your account and our representative will verify your account within 5-10m within our operating hour.

I want to do an exchange or return - how do I go from there?

We do not accept and return or exchange. If you have any problem with your order, please email or call 4372137996 as soon as possible and we will find a best solution for you!

I want to pickup my order, where do I go?

Currently our pickup location is only in downtown Toronto, Ontario at 222 Spadina Ave. M5T 3B3 (note that is our meetup location, we DO NOT have a storefront.)

If I had loyalty points with my previous account, do I still get it in the system?

Yes, just sign up with same email or phone number and system will automatically sync your points!

How do I pay?

Cash on Delivery or E-Transfer to