Black Demon OG

Black Demon OG



THC: 28.0%

Black Demon OG is a rare strain that comes from two distinct lines of cannabis heavyweights. Visually, it is quite a looker with striking colors, but most importantly, this heavy-hitting Indica delivers the goods as promised – providing a stimulating high followed by full-bodied relaxation.


The first parent is OG Kush – a strain that embodies all the best that the west coast of the USA has to offer. The original plant, including its first-generation phenotypes Tahoe OG, SFV OG and Ghost OG, has spawned numerous hybrids that have become classics and living legends.


The other parent is Black Zombie, whose pedigree comes from Purple lineage. Like OG Kush, it leans towards the Indica side, and its contribution to this fusion helps maintain a sought-after growth structure while improving the color of the foliage and flowers. It also sweetens things up by adding a candy note to the fragrance.